With rabbit ears white

arm placement changed later
surrendering to its story

People's dreams are made out of what they do all day. The same way a dog that runs after rabbits will dream of rabbits. It's what you do that makes your soul, not the other way around.  ~Barbara Kingsolver

ears on and make-up next

with rabbit ears (she listens)
18" x 8" x 5" 
earthenware, multi-fired, terra sigillata, porcelain slip, oxide washes

The intention was to have only one hand up and the other hand hovering just below the black line.  Somehow that face kept saying look at me....so I changed the focus.  Instead of a line of sight zig- zagging its way up to the face, the hands and ears zeroes in on the face right away.  The back has a repeat of the same pattern using five holes. This piece is one of 10 headed to Healdsburg next week for an invitational group show.  I hope no one was expecting pretty from me!

Happy May Day!
( White Rabbit, White Rabbit )


  1. Love the Barbara Kingsolver quote!
    And I also love 'With Rabbit Ears (she listens)' - her face looks as if she has the weight of the world - from listening. You've captured -exactly- the essence of who she needs to be. Beautifully done - even if not pretty.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I do need to get a better photo done! This photo is a bit flat. "With Rabbit Ears..." has a very rich tone and texture that isn't showing in the photo. Still she isn't pretty. I plan on a re-reading of Kingsolver's Homeland and Other Stories this month.

  2. I would love to see this wonderful piece for real..her face is really captivating, especially the eyes which draw you in and hold you there.

    1. Thank you, Mark. The eyes are a little haunting. This piece said "I'm done" before I could do more. That happens sometimes.


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