Bird and a Pear Tree Nest Teapot

Bird and Pear Teapot
waiting to get fired


  1. I can't tell which part is a spout! :D Not nose, I think. Please give me a clue! :D She looks expressive! : )

  2. Tee hee...look up at the branches to the left...I will take another picture next week...:-)

  3. Perfection to a tee... or, should that be, "tea".

    She and her sweet bird are lovely, Charlene. She at first reminds me of a young Carmen Miranda in a way - before her fruit bedecked turban days :)

  4. She's a sweetie - those eyes seem to be pleading for you to pour from her -- could it be a pear tea?
    - and the way she's holding the bird is just perfect.

    1. Pear tea steeped with cardamon pods and star fragrant and spicy....thank you, Judy


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