In the pink with Still Life Bowls

There are days filled with simple shapes

Measured with unassuming purpose


When a little air bubble, a tiny breath escaping, makes a bowl more alive,

(Intaglio print from "words my mother gave me" series-Artist's Proof))

and the wonder of pink instead of white comes out of the kiln.


  1. Your clay pears are always a beauty and delight, Charlene.

    And, I so love that you give an air bubble a purpose - a reason for being, where others would be disappointed at the "imperfection".
    The soft pink-white glaze reminds me of the hue of Himalayan pink salt.

    You honour your work, and that is so very humbling and wonderful to see and read.

    1. Finding perfection in the imperfections...yes, pink salt...that makes me smile....salt of the always make me think of wondrous things, Vicki. :-)

  2. Oh those kiln gods -- always thinking they know more than us . . . hissing, leaving holes and changing color schemes!
    love those bowls, their simple shapes - so inviting and that pear looks completely edible.

    1. Yes, and I think the studio kami made me a little forgetful and I used a tin white glaze. Then this wonderful green glazed bowl flirted with this little bowl making it blush. :-)


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