Clayish, Thingish Inner Things

"When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it."  Winnie the Pooh (by A.A. Milne)
Having my morning coffee (in the thermos) and fussing about this particular piece.  I started out with something completely different in mind.  How this happened I do not know. 

I had a very enjoyable time with the college art students, talking about their work and then my work. They were very open and interesting group. Each had their own way of working with clay--ranging from pottery to sculptural. We discussed different issues--from making lots of work to how to define your own mark or style. Even about the ethics involved in copying work of well-known artists. It was very energizing and insightful. It made me think more about connections, gathering of information and interactions with other artists. When I first started working in clay, I wanted to explore all its possibilities in the context of my own experiences and need. I was (and still am) in love with the process and the rituals involved in producing even the simplest of cups. Now all of this does not explain why I ended up with a two headed portrait bust. It is just another bearish morning for this ordinary maker of things. 
singularly ordinary thing looking across at the doubly thingish thing


  1. ... for some reason, my computer can't post a comment about your last post, Charlene, so, hopefully, I can post the comment here...

    I love those words!
    I know that whenever I hear birdsong, something inside me rejoices at the sound. I will stop whatever I'm doing and just... listen.
    I've had some strange looks from people over the years when I've heard a bird and stood still with (probably) an oddly euphoric look on my face :)

    I so look forward to seeing more of your beautiful Birds Within.
    Love the curve of her foot and that tiny collar of bark around her ankle. So wonderful.

    Again, as always, I wish I could view your work in person. There would be so much exquisite detail to take in that can be missed in a photo.

    There must be a gossamer thread running here, as the character that is calling the loudest from within me is a crow. And, he's none too patient about having to wait until after easter...

    Wishing you a happy spring as the world turns, and we rejoice in autumn :)

    1. Happy Autumn-Spring, Vicki! I am having a bit of a problem doing replies, too. Blogger gets hungry sometimes and eats comments whole. At least that is how I see it. I think you are right about the gossamer thread---I hear crows and ravens calling, too---let's see what we come up with...

  2. Gorgeous Things!

    That's how "they" wanted to emerge, with the help from your hands. They whispered deep into your subconscious and viola! They were born just as they wished.
    At least, that's how I like to think of it :)

    And, there is nothing "ordinary" about you or your beautiful, ethereal art, Charlene. Nothing at all.

    1. Isn't it a strange and wonderful thing to start with something very ordinary and plain---then poof---there it is right in front of you---demanding your attention? Not at all what I expected. Sometimes I am caught by surprise.

  3. Wish I could sit in on that classroom of yours - would so enjoy the conversation with you and your students. And the 'thingy' that emerged is fabulous. It's as if both selfs are showing - and you captured the perfect expression on each of them. Seems they are both surprised the other thingy is showing!
    And I would never describe you as an 'ordinary' maker of things. js

    1. I started with the thought of a wide skirt, two bodies emerging, holding a branch between them. Then it turned into these surprised thingies. Now I haven't given up on the original thought. So I did another base. I made dozens and dozens of porcelain leaves for the skirt. So we'll see.
      I so wanted to sit down and throw a few bowls with the students. Just make stuff together and chat. It was very inspiring to see their work and talk about design---and what we like.


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