White Bird, Green Boot
22" x 6" x 4"
ceramic, terra sigillata, engobes, glazes

We are having warm days, no fog.  Perfect for painting walls.  Of remembering, too.  I have a kerchief wrapped around my hair to protect it from splattering paint. Instead my face is freckled in neutral hues of grays, greens and mocha. Herr laughs when he sees me.  I hear a dove fluttered outside the window, making squeaky noises, landing clumsy at the bird feeder. Then smiling, head shaking, Herr admonishes me for not wearing shoes climbing up a ladder.  You must wear shoes, Momo, for your safety.  All I can find are garden boots and one brown sock.  We are moving soon and things are not in their usual place. 

Storyteller was sold to travelers from Australia.  It is a good feeling to know that this piece will journey to a faraway land and become a part of someone's home and story. 


  1. congrats on the sales; where are you moving to ?

  2. We are moving to our north coast home full time☺

  3. Love the visual this story created for me -- you with your paint splattered make-up and kerchief. Moving is such a crazy distraction - boxes of memories all stacked-up.
    Congrats on the sale of the StoryTeller and how wonderful she gets to travel so far - she'll have many more stories to tell soon.
    Hope your move goes smoothly. I am sure you are happy to be in that beautiful space full time.

    1. I am finding all sorts of "lost" and "forgotten" things. Some make me a bit sad and some make me smile. Some will be given away, some will stay in my heart, some will get burned with quiet goodbyes. All of it makes for wonder in my life ;)

  4. Just when I begin to feel my work has substance, I am floored by the true great-ness and ethereal charm of your works, Charlene.
    Wish that I could view them in person, for even from over here their personalities whisper and call to me...

    And, one of your creations will wing her way to my corner of the world? I feel the whispers may get louder, the closer she comes...

    1. oh, Vicki---I am honored by your words---your recent fiber art work are truly incredible---they have such substance, too. They elicit love, joy and wonder from a truly loving human heart.


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