Point of Intersection in a Storyteller's Journey

It all started with a key found without a lock.
and dreams of a white fox (or puppy?)


 There are toes.  Fancy free with black polish.

And a bowl with a bit of 23 kt. gold leaf.
It doesn't look shiny in this photo, but it is very shiny in person.
Like spun gold.
Oh, I mustn't forget to mention the hat.  Why a silly hat?  
It completed the look. And she insisted. 
X marks the spot . Or is it a dot?
Meanings apparent and left up to you.
the past, the present and future combined 
Storyteller's Journey



  1. amazing how a work can stem from a found key, curious about her hair, it actually looks real

    1. It is a strange and wonderful thing this little rusty key. In itself, I can make up lots of narratives. The hair is made of little coils and a heavy application of black engobe.

  2. Oh I just love her. And her story just draws you closer. I want to know more. What's that key to? That puppy-fox - what's up with him? And what is she going to put in that bowl - that shiny bowl?
    Your work is always so wonderfully full of narrative. And this one seems like she would tell a different story each time you see her -)

    1. Magic comes from the viewer's interpretation and it is a key to imagination. Thank you for the magic, Judy.☺

  3. Oh, brava Charlene! She is wonderful! I feel that offerings are to be placed into her beautiful bowl... offerings for a story...


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