Getting down to work

Sometimes inspiration is hard work.  Sometimes it strikes in the most unlikely places.  Sometimes it seems elusive.  Other times it sneaks up behind you.  The one thing that is constant is that it's there, somewhere, right in front of you or inside you and at your fingertips.  Inspiration is the blue sky, the dense fog, shimmering heat, the breeze from the sea, laughter riding over the wind and birds chattering in the trees.  It is the sound of a jet going over head, the roaring of a crowd at a baseball game and the creaking of  playground swings going higher and higher with delight.  Inspiration comes in many guises and surprises.  It never fails.  It is love of making, the need to go on and see where it takes you.  I find more and more I can not chase it nor wish for it.  For me, inspiration comes with making when I feel the least inspired to do so.  It is in the work.

packing day


  1. All I have to do is open up the clay and slice a piece off and same as you the inspiration comes through to my fingers and into the clay.

  2. And, there is much inspiration in the heart melting works of artists like you, Charlene.

    Sadly, I'm saying "au revoir" to clay making, as the glazes are affecting my health.
    But, at least I can visit you here and delight in the magic that you weave, and breathe, into your beautiful creations xx

    1. It is such a difficult and sometimes, heart wrenching, decision to make to give up on particular mediums one loves. Your health comes first, though. I know the artist within has found another medium that is just as expressive and tactile as clay. You have a wondrous and intuitive artist's touch in all that you create. And you are an inspiration to me, Vicki.


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