Glazed slab plates and Rabbit Bird

October's journal consists of slab plates pages.
Written in copper carbonate angst and rutile blues.
A testament of process
in its trial and error ways

Base glaze GA 23 with 2% rutile all over
Chun with .25% cobalt carbonate thinly brush in center
GA 23 with 3% copper carbonate small dot in very center

GA 23 with 3% copper carbonate over wash of RIO 
 GA 23 with 2% rutile one half, other half metallic black glaze (shimmers gold specks) 
 Below: Lazertran decal I made with my HP laser printer and baked onto a hanging bowl
October just flew by and I can not believe it is November. 
It will probably fly by, too!
on November's work table


  1. Don't you just love glaze tests! HA! And then as soon as you 'think' you have a glaze conquered - something changes - clay body, chemicals, the weather - all so fickle! This potter business is tough stuff some days.

    But your slab plates are wonderful. And your table full of birds and rabbits - just waiting - their eyes so inquisitive . . .

    Here's a link to an artist whose work I think you would enjoy. She's a NC potter/sculptor --

    1. Hello Judy---
      Thanks for the link. I checked it out and enjoyed Pam Brewer's birds especially.
      I do love glaze tests! And although I could blame clay body, chemicals, sly and teasing kiln gods, sometimes ;) it's the human who's at fault.
      I thought I had a jade green glaze on some slab plates. Imagine my surprise when I opened my kiln to have bright, lemon yellow satin plates smiling up at me! It turns out I forgot to put in copper carbonate when I made up the glaze. I had put in the rutile and yellow mason stain. But I do love that if I can get the kiln gods to do it again.....

  2. I particularly like the turquoise plate with the RIO but turquoise is my favorite anyway, these plates are great with their simple organic shape. All the animals look happy hanging together on the table.

    1. I do favor greens-turquoise, too. The green plates are sold with persimmons, yellow plates with figs, black/white with pomegranates, white/cream porcelain pinch bowls with pears. It looks like a farmer's market out there.

  3. I really like the turquoise plate too - it's just lovely.
    And so sweet to see the little gathering of forest friends... with a population of persimmons in the background :)

    1. Hello Vicki--That glaze is finicky, but when it works, wow! The gathering got bigger and quirkier. And all were given a quick dip in the terra sig bucket. Right now they are waiting in the cold kiln, along with some persimmons, staring at the wall heads and hoping they won't blow up because the artist forgot to poke air holes in them. Good thing, the artist is going to check.....


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