One day Sabbatical Charm Bracelet

Lucky Charms

To keep me from dodging the hard work of processing clay I try to keep set studio hours.  
It helps get me into the studio and develop work.
 Still things keep me from going in there.

Phone calls, grocery shopping
meeting people for lunch
taking the Jeep to the mechanic
waiting for the furnace guy
talking to kiln repairperson
hemming pants
hunting for my scissors
looking for my reading glasses (any one of the three)
maintenance on the three houses
preparing dinner
 reading a book that I can't put down
and sometimes fear.

There is always something.
And I feel guilty about it.
When I don't feel enthusiasm.
And I wonder what am I doing.

But I do find when I finally get down to work it renews my love
and my energy.
It gives me hope that I am doing the right thing
at the right time.
For me.

Today I am taking an one day sabbatical from hesitation.
aka fear of failure
And just make.
I will take all my one day sabbaticals
and string them together
to make
my own charm bracelet.
Just so

It will remind me what can happen if I just get down to work.

finishing up underglazing on back of Lucky Charms


  1. How lovely to see the rabbit girl with silver birch leg! : ) She has carrots on the back! Even better! Just before Christmas I made a rabbit carrying a rabbit toy! : )

    I have opposite type of guilty. I don't want to do anything else but ceramic if I am allowed to. I feel I should tidy up/clean house, give dogs longer walks or bathe parrots. But then I say myself, I can't do art if I am worried about such things! (a magic phrase!) :D At least we have only one small house to maintain although I am not doing it very well! :D

    1. I need a long stretch of uninterrupted time to get things done in the studio. I am easily side-tracked and more so if there a show coming up. Yesterday I cleaned up my glazes and got my clay into order. It is a unseasonable warm day--75 degrees F (23 C?) so I am going out and do some can't do art if one is worried about art, too :)

  2. Charlene you are 'spot-on' describing all the little busy things we CAN do to keep from entering the studio - but as soon as we really cross the threshold and get to work -- we are lost in the making.
    'Lucky Charms' is truly wonderful - a wood nymph - whimsical and wise!

    1. I think the worst thing is going into the studio with certain expectations. So if I take care of all that other business first and quickly I have no more excuses---take a deep breath and dive in---I say to myself---Matisse said "Creativity takes courage" and I say
      Making Excuses takes Creativity...right out of one's life.

  3. Oh Charlene, when I saw Lucky Charms, I got goosebumps and had tears in my eyes.
    She, her dearest little rabbit and Mary's perfect quote, spoke to my heart... and, the soft animal of my own body. Thank you ♥

    Even with everyday expectations and distractions, your subconscious - your creative spirit - knows. And your creations wait patiently to be born... once the world of mundane falls away.
    Sometimes, excuses and necessary chores give soul-works just that little longer to develop within.
    They emerge when you, and they, are ready.

    That's what sets a true artist apart from a production line maker.

    1. Sometimes I look out into my little, messy studio as if it were a rabbit hole. Such a scary adventure to go in there! But go I must because it is in my nature to do so.


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