The Wisdom of Chalk, the letter K and Being Five

"MoMo riding her bike"  by Little Dahl, age 5

Conversations at the Chalkboard

Who is this with the long hair?

Oh, that's right.  Your hair is short now. 

(lots of erasing done and new hairdo added)

 "Maybe the K is for kinetic?'

" No,  that's silly Mah Mo!  It's just fun to draw it!"


  1. Love it. Five. Such a wonderful age. And so nice to have captured the drawing.
    K for kinetic... clever :)

  2. They, in turn, fill my chalky heart with wonder...

  3. K - just because it's fun to draw. It doesn't have to mean anything - what a wonderful way to be in the world - too bad we often lose that wonder as we age -- but thankfully we are given reminders from our grandchildren . . . love how you say 'fills my chalky heart' - . . .

  4. It only takes a breath to find one's wonder. And a piece of chalk ;)


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