ceramics 1 camera 0

Fragile as ceramics may seem....Yesterday while trying to take a photo of Sock Puppet's head it rolled off the table....instinctively I put my Nikon Coolpix on the table and tried to grab the head.  The head fell to the floor, first bouncing off the pottery wheel then landing on the rubber mat.  I thought for sure the head would at least have a chip.  It didn't.  Not a crack nor chip.  Not even a dink.  With a great sigh I placed the head onto the table.  I picked up my little camera.  The lens error flashed on the screen. I had dinked the lens just a bit and it bit the dust. Oh! The irony!  This litttle camera has been on hikes throughout the Sierra, to the Mohave desert, even Death Valley.  Carried in backpacks, purses, pockets, glove boxes and handled by little boys.  It has taken pictures of the oldest of trees, the sweetest of faces, places of history and sad lore.  A clay head survived that should have shattered.  Without a shutter my camera's shutter jammed.

 after sunset at Westport-Union Landing State Beach using Nikon Coolpic


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