Shelling black-eyed peas until the cows come home

Fresh black-eyed peas (sometimes called cow peas) are the best.  The farmer's market is full of these beautiful green, purplish, reddish spotted pods.  Stacked high and just lovely.  I would buy them just for their looks alone. I knew that Mister Reinhart was setting up a photo shoot for the new work heading out to Cabrillo Gallery next week.  It is quite an ordeal.  Backdrop, lamps, blackout drapes, stands, tripod and the big camera were all set up yesterday. I thought he deserved a special treat.  He loves legumes. As he works for food (free) I thought black-eyed peas were perfect payment.  Black-eyed peas symbolize coins. Put them together with some kale or collards-greens, ah heavenly treasure!


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