wipe on wipe off

I have the first application of underglaze and oxide stains on Porcelain Hands.  The terra sigillata makes a polished surface that allows a subtle wash of stains.  It is put on quickly and sponged off leaving darker areas in the any areas the terra sigillata did not cover.  I didn't layer as much terra sigillata on this piece resulting in a tan color.  With a red iron oxide stain it deepens the color so it isn't so flat.  The stain is 1 tablespoon of red iron oxide, 1 teaspoon of Frit 3134 and 1/2 cup-1cup of water.  I brush it on then wipe off with a sponge. It stains the terra sigillata a pale pink. As I multi-fire pieces until I like the colors, I sometimes have to reapply the stains.  Wipe on, wipe off. 


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