out of the shadows

before bisque fire
after second firing

In the same firing with Behind Blue Eyes, I loaded the already bisqued Shadow for its second firing.  I needed to deepen the red art sigillata with some red iron oxide stain.  The gray sigillata fired lighter and I wanted it to look scratchy.  I removed all the stumps (these had stainless steel wires so I could remove them for ease.)  I used some black engobe and let it dry.  I then used a scrubbie (made with nylon netting) and gently rubbed off what I didn't want.  I buffed it lightly with a t-shirt.  All the stumps had details added using underglazes.  

In the same firing there were some greenware jars with sgraffito work.  They came out nice.  So I will glaze them for a cone 6 firing next week.  I have some bowls, plates and porcelain hands for that firing.  After next week I will start doing more functional work and put aside the sculptural work for a while.  


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