forgotten imperfections and pumpkins

last month's old pumpkins
still sit on the patio
faceless, forgotten 


Never got around to carving any pumpkins.  I love going to get pumpkins and tend to collect them. Some of them will live out their squashy lives until they get tossed into the compost.  The best of them will get turned into bread, pies and muffins.

In the spring I madeup a collection of face cups for an invitational mug/cup exhibit.  Collectors purchased all.  Three didn't make it to the show.  Just sat on the studio shelf. Forgotten, faceless, bisqued and imperfectly forlorn. I didn't have time to finish them in time for the exhibit. One had a glaze imperfection that may have healed if I re-fired it.  I just moved on.  Every once in a while I will pick up this pink-eared sweetness and check on the flaw inside.  What I think is: It's still to fix it...hmm...could belongs my studio...symbol of what's forgotten, flawed but resonantly perfect.


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