Starry eyed, glazed eyed and maybe wabi sabi

Jupiter shining
So brightly in the night sky circles

Cloudless nights in the Bay Area are few and far between.  Light pollution makes for another layer of film over the night sky.  So imagine my surprise to look up at the celestial heavens two evenings ago to see a very large bright dot.  Not only that--another smaller bright hole close by.  What?  Can I see Jupiter with one of its moons?  I got the binoculars and yes! Jupiter rising!  Moon circling, attentive as a sentinel. So out came Herr Reinhart's boyhood telescope.  How fun is that?  We are not sure which moon we saw, but I like to think it was Io.

Now I am starry eyed and glazed eyed all at once...I have spent two days glazing.  What a messy thing to do.  It has no glory.  It has no shame.  Just moans and groans.  All the glazes look either pasty green, puke pink or bland tan.  So there isn't much thrill in looking at freshly dipped pots.  Wax here, wax there.  Pour in, Pour out.  Wipe on, Wipe off.  Mop everywhere.  What a mess!  Wabi-sabi it's not.


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