in my solitude

in my solitude
This morning I found out this article was written about the exhibit Fragile/Strength.  If you have a chance check it out  Maureen put into words what I could not. 

greenware jar with brushed on slip

Today I continue to finish up some greenware jars I threw two weeks ago.  I made up one of my favorite slips that go on greenware to bisque.  It is the basic 4 that's good from cone 04-10:

25%  Feldspar    (Custer Potash is what I have on hand at the moment)
25%  Ball Clay    (I use Kentucky Ball)
25%  Silica          
25%  EPK          

I only use this slip on functional work.  Usually in a soft peak consistency---like whipping cream.  I use an immersion blender---a cheap one to mix the slip.  I don't sieve it.  This slip I brush on or pipe on. 

pedestal/cupcake stand with sgraffito and slip work

I did some sgraffito technique on some vases, cupcake stands and jars yesterday.  As I had very little black slip made up I decided not to cover the entire pieces.  I did one vase with brush strokes and then scratched out a drawing into the brushstrokes using a tapestry needle.  All of this was spare of the moment thing.  I decided the brushstrokes reminded of feathers.  So I winged it.


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