Ta Dah! It's Magic!

Once again we gathered around the old little kiln.  Tired and spent, it offered its best and its worst.  A quick crossing of the fingers, anticipation rising, UP went the kiln lid.  Some would say it's magical, others might say it's electrical. I say it simply.

out loud:                  in my head:

ooooOoooooh          YES! Love it

oh????????                   not what I envisioned

OH!                           runny glaze---jar stuck to shelf

oh, oh, oh!                 that's a keeper

oh.......x#!*               lid stuck to jar--doorstop

oh? oh.                       maybe I will look at it later

oh? oh...oh!               stuck lid came off jar after it tapped against a stick wielding potter

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh        coffee break!


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