a clay leg to stand on while waiting for the fog to burn off


 I am on my last legs (yippee!)........the final wall pieces are in the kiln right now.  These legs are the beginning of a standing piece (the feet are 2" long.)   I have tried shaping coils with added pieces of clay to form the calves and knees.  I let coils dry to leatherhard and then carved them.  I even tried slabs rolled into cones.  All these methods work and give a different look.  I always return to rolling straw size coils, building up just as I do with larger work.  It takes longer, but it does give me an opportunity to slow down and think about what I am doing.  I still love the process  of rolling out coils and row by row build up the piece.  It is as though it adds a little character to the work.  It allows me to slow down and think about where I am going.  I'm on my last little legs today. Tomorrow I will begin wheel throwing my first porcelain functional pieces for the year.  I was only waiting for the fog to burn off! 



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