seeking balance finding clay

Legs are on and she's spinning her story.....just a quick shot of  Spinning Tales up on the wall and then packed to go to Pence Art Gallery.  It is hard to take a portfolio photo of a wall piece as it requires taking out lamps, tripod, the good camera, black out drapes, etc.  I really should have taken the time.

I like the washy look. Using a rutile wash added warmth and depth to the underlying blue porcelain slip. I was planning to plug the air holes on the arms, but found them endearing for some reason. Once I began adding the slips the holes took on a different visual texture. They added a little mystery to the narrative.

Seeking Balance was the last piece I did for the show.  I couldn't crop this photo.  I like the way it looks.  Floating against this immense wall.  On a piece of white earth (porcelain in this case.)  I wasn't sure about the bird skull but once I threaded the leather cord throughout the piece it worked.  It looks like a pendulum or a carpenter's plumb bob.

How much I desire!
Inside my little satchel,
the moon, and flowers!



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