fresh from the kiln

It is so sunny and warm out.  It is hard to think about turning on the kiln.  I have just a few more pieces that have to get finished by this Friday.  The new kiln is programmable which I love.  I didn't think I would.  I started with cone 10 reduction (beginning ceramics) and soda firing---then to cone 6 reduction (lab tech at local college)---then to cone 6 electric with manual control (my own.)  Now I am down to cone 04 to cone 1 firing (sculpture only) with an electronic control.  All this in the space of  ten years.  Each time there were adjustments, disappointments and good discoveries.  Understanding that each type of firing has its own language, its own translation and its unique beauty. 

before 1st firing
after 3rd and final firing
  half full, half empty


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