Tiny Show

Pence Gallery in Davis sent out these 5"x 7" canvas boards to artists for their Tiny Show.  This is the one I did and sent back to them.  It's done in acrylic.  I titled it Ripening Pears.

  Just started working on this one.  Lotus pods with a transparency transfer of text
...there is a season...purpose.under heaven...(Ecc 3:1)

Lotus Pods with Postmark
This little painting was done with a transparency transfer from an ongoing series called ...words my mother gave me.  My mother doesn't have too many things left from her own childhood.  She gave me this beautiful postcard of her when she was a little girl of 5.  Her father was a master calligrapher.  He wrote on the back of this photo postcard of how he was doing and that the sweater my mother was wearing was knitted by her grandmother.  It's a wish you were here or wish I was back home kind of sentiment. The real postcard is beautifully framed, archival and when turned over to the other side the back is cut out so I can look at the writing and the crimson red stamp.  I can not read the words, but I know the feeling of the words.  I know the beauty of the markings and how it connects me to an universal language. Makes this half/half whole, these words my mother gave me.


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