sketch here clay there

Started to do some heads this week with the intention of getting a 6 completed.  Mother Nature had other plans.  It rained.  So the clay remained damp.  Three days later they are still too damp.  I moved on to do some doodling. Six hours of back and forth.  It seems like I accomplished nothing.  But the sun is out and it is autumn. 

I'm making this face up as I go along.  That's why it appears flat.  I do not have the patience to sketch for long.  It's the feeling I am after for a larger sculpture.  When I get it then I move on to clay.  Except the clay is too wet!

I am trying.  I paddled on two more inches! Now to avoid clay and think about the full body sculpture I want to do this winter.

More doodling. 

 I wandered back out to check on the clay.  It is still very wet.  I decided to finger paint with it instead of coiling.  That worked out and felt good, too.  Something completed. Now for a walk on the shoreline.........More sketching........

a plover 

which leads me back 

When you start with a portrait and search for a pure form, a clear volume, through successive eliminations, you arrive inevitably at the egg. Likewise, starting with the egg and following the same process in reverse, one finishes with the portrait.  ~Pablo Picassso


  1. Oh if it were only that simple - love Picasso's quote!

    Hope the sun shines for you so you can finish up these sculptures! I also have a hard time sitting long enough to draw. I don't seem to lose myself so easily sketching - as I do painting and making clay pieces.

    Your sketches are nice.

  2. Really lovely post! I love the expression on the face. What a peaceful smile she has! Her eyes are so tender. As for the plover, we have always loved plovers since olden days. Their chirping is soft and very sweet.

  3. I like the sketch of the girl, to me it seems the sketch is somehow more real than getting every detail in a full painting, a little is left to the imagination. The clay can't be rushed, can it. Will the full body sculpture be life sized?

  4. Hello Judy---Yes, the sun finally came out. I have finished up two pieces. There's a Catch 22--when it rains I want to work--when its sunny I want to play!

    Thank you, Sapphire--We have a wildlife refuge here on the shoreline. There are so many migrating birds in the fall to delight the senses!

    Greetings, Linda---Clay has taught me some patience, but there are days that I just need to walk away. It always calls me back and I always answer! Full figure for me is about 4'. I have a small kiln and small space.


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