Unbricking a clay block

found with a rip in its bag

hard as a brick

drilling holes 

looks like a domino

placed in a 1.5 qt plastic container

pour water about 2"--- leave cheap baster on top of brick

cover with plastic/ then lid/flip when bottom is soft/baste daily

Every once in a while, one bag of clay gets a rip and somehow it's always the one way in the back.  It will take about a week for this one to get to the right pliable condition.  In the meanwhile, I worked on which  keepsake needed what done to it.  One got a nick in it so I had to carve it.  I then decided it needed a little porcelain spoon. Only 2" long with a wire stem.  It can only hold one teardrop or a pinch of salt. 

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.”

 Isak Dinesen


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