Weighing in on clay

This is pear week.  These hang on the wall.  I just had to weigh them.  I am pricing them per pound.  $24.00 per pound  : - ) .  Although I know some will think---real pears are cheaper.  These won't rot.  Guaranteed.  When they are done (they need poaching in the kiln) I will hang them in groups, take photos and post them.

After that off they go to the Pence Gallery for the holiday market.  By that time I may come to my senses and price them accordingly. 

Keeping with the pear theme......I've started some small paintings of pears waiting for the kiln to cool down.

It is so still and serene outside with such autumn goodness. It is hard not to run off and go for a hike somewhere.  I have a list of things I should do when I am restlessly waiting for the kiln to cool down. The biggest one is to go through all my books and sort them to either sell or give away.  Trouble with this plan I end up reading one and get only halfway done sorting.  I think after weighing all my options I will go outside--sit on my little deck and just breathe.


  1. persimmons, figs, pears... What will be your next inspiration? I was recently picking through a pile of pomegranates and thought of you.(hint hint)

  2. hello Michele---lots of requests for pomegranates.....hmmm.....look for next post!


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