What goes up, must come down

Last weekend for Think Twice in Healdsburg Center for the Arts.  The show comes down Monday.  Many pieces found their way into art collections in the Napa Valley.  I hope these pieces will give their new homes solace, reflection and a little bit of quiet joy.

14"x 12" x 11"
coil built earthenware, porcelain parts, found objects, silkscreen transfer
multi-fired cone 06-1,  terra sigillata, oxide stains, glazes, encaustic
(from the series Words My Mother Gave Me)

Many techniques were used in Archived.  The major part was the silkscreen transfer and copier print transfer.  Inside the box is another silkscreen transfer done with ceramic ink and covered in with a watery teal-blue transparent glaze. The strip on the front was done with a laser print copy transfer using CMC, lots of water and ceramic ink.  All porcelain parts were fired separately-branches, stones, twigs, acorn, birds and paper. Very last thing was a bit of encaustic on the twigs and pod.

I made a silk-screen of a postcard with my Japanese grandfather's script.  I had to work with it in Photoshop.  First, enlarging the text which was very tiny and beautiful.  Next, grayscale and flatten several layers. Finally, onto the silkscreen.  I decided not to flip the text.  I do not read  Japanese so I thought it should be a reflection of my half/half-ness.  To read it, a mirror must be held to it.  I know that some who could read it may think---oh, this is a mistake!  Those who can't or can read it will rely on their own interpretations. A collection of bits and pieces picked up here and there.  Boxed in by nature and ancestry.  Kept and made whole.

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come. 

~a Chinese proverb


  1. Happy day that your wonderful work will be on display in people's homes. Thank you for talking about not just your techniques, but your emotion for creating the piece. I love that you did not flip the written text.

    And hopefully I can keep a 'green bough' in my heart - what a wise quote.

  2. Hello Judy, Your comment is much appreciated and encouraging. I needed to reconnect to this piece before it went away. Thank you....


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